-Counselling and Psychotherapy Information

Individuals seek counselling & psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. It is often because of the difficulties and challenges in our daily lives that sometimes become overwhelming and may impact upon our relationships, our work, and/or our personal and professional judgements. It is sometimes beyond our individual control to address those issues without professional help. Counselling & Psychotherapy can be a useful approach in facilitating you to help yourself.

The overall aim of therapy is to provide you with an opportunity to work through difficulties in a safe and confidential environment without feeling judged. Such issues may involve areas of your life which you feel troubled by, either in your personal life or at work.

Who Is Therapy For?

This service offers private face-to-face counselling/psychotherapy to individuals and organisations. An initial consultation will be arranged to discuss your needs and where we may be of help. Linda Voice Associates is experienced in attending to people who are:

  • Experiencing feelings of depression or generally low that may include ongoing loneliness, physical symptons, fatigue, mood swings, stress, anger, anxiety

  • Facing a specific current crisis through either bereavment, loss, change, trauma, rape (including wrongly accused of rape) sexual abuse, illness, relationships, infertility, abortion

  • Issues of identity, sexuality, body image, ill health

Individual Couselling Offers:
a secure professional relationship through which difficulties can be indentifed, confronted and resolved in the privacy of regular and reliable sessions

An opportunity to discuss and make sense of experiences that have impacted upon your life and to become more self aware

A journey of self discovery that allows you to unlock rigid ways of thinking and to identify choices you previously thought you had not got

Enable you to identify your own potential and help you to help yourself

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